Executive Coaching

If you are ready to harness the positive power of stress and soar with confidence - if you want to increase your productivity and have more time for yourself - if it's time to stop looking for approval and start shining on your own - if you are looking to dive deeper into transformation - get in touch with me!

Executive Coaching is a focused means to increase your confidence, competence, and skills in the workplace and at home.  Clear goals, supportive accountability, and science-based interventions is how you move into excellence.

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Coaching Feedback

Kristina is the ultimate coach. She helped me through a difficult work transition with knowledge, style, and empathy. Her skills were incredible in helping me dig deeper, past my defenses and denial, to the real issues to figure out what I really wanted and what is most important to me. Kristina is the coach to call when you really want to improve your life.

- JW, Professor

Coaching Feedback

Dr. Hallett awakens the voice inside all of us that says, "Yes, you can!" Her techniques for self-reflection, goal setting, and self-care allowed me to find my inner badass and put me first!  Dr. Hallett came into my life when I needed it the most.  Always making sacrifices for others and putting my needs last left me with an empty tank and a feeling of hopelessness.  My concern about what others would think if I didn't do it all - with perfection - left me feeling alone and overwhelmed.  After just a few meetings with Dr. Hallett, I began to feel empowered to do what I knew was right for me.  I strongly encourage you to reach out to Dr. Hallett and learn to take control of your life. I no longer make choices from a place of obligation or concern for what others may think... I know myself and I am proud to be my own best friend.

- C.B., Assistant Superintendent

Coaching Feedback

Dr. Kristina Hallett consistently supports me in my private practice and personal life.  Kristina validates and reassures me when my insecurities creep up and keeps me on course.  Her opinion and guidance have been a guiding light through many challenging times.  I appreciate her honesty and grounding nature. She is truly one of a kind!