No matter who you are there are days when you despair of finding work-life balance and are looking for support, clarity - or maybe just a different perspective. Your needs will likely change over time. That's why I offer a range of services to help my clients banish burnout, get unstuck, activate motivation and learn how to deal with stress by becoming stress-smart. So you can get what you need, when you need it, and move forward fast.


SWAP your beliefs and become #StressSmart

S = Self-compassion

W =Worthiness

A = Ask for and accept help

P =Positive self-talk

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Dr. Hallett


Dr. Kristina Hallett is a board certified clinical psychologist, executive coach, speaker and author. She has an office in Suffield, Connecticut.  Dr. Hallett is a valued resource for medical and mental health professionals, providing consultation, coaching, psychotherapy and clinical supervision.

Dr. Hallett coaches entrepreneurs, medical and mental health providers, and driven professionals out of "stuck", burnout and overwhelm, teaching the skills to be confident and stress-smart.

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Executive Coaching


Dr. Hallett provides Executive Coaching for driven professionals who are looking to increase productivity and resilience and develop true work/life synergy.

Living a stress-free life isn’t possible – but being stress-smart uses stress to your advantage by increasing focus, productivity and well-being.

Her coaching program, Own Your Awesome, is based on her signature EMPOWERS process and enhanced by the AWESOME approach.  Participants report significant, lasting change in the areas of burnout, stress, motivation and self-confidence.

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Dr. Hallett is a dynamic, frequently requested speaker.  She provides keynote and break-out sessions and is in high demand for events geared to the corporate audience and successful entrepreneurs.

Dr. Hallett can be booked to speak on leadership, re-wiring the brain, empowerment, self-confidence, work-life balance, and her signature talks "Own Your Awesome - Supercharge Success" and "Stress-Smart: SWAP Your Stress for Motivation".

She is a member of the National Speakers Association, Women's Speaker Association, and multiple speaker bureaus. You can access her profiles on speakermatch and espeakers.

Dr. Hallett is also available for half and full-day trainings in mental wellness, integrating the tenets of Positive Psychology and the latest advances in neuropsychological research.